Jamie and Claire in Paris

Outlander Mid Season Musings

Outlander Mid Season Musings

Outlander is well into its second season now.

Yes, yes, I know some people are missing the beauty and rawness of Scotland, the mud and blood, but go with it. Take the time to relish seeing our favorite characters, Jamie and Claire, negotiating the rocky and poisonous (literally) Parisian political scene. Take pleasure in visually measuring how much Claire’s baby bump has grown. Enjoy seeing Jamie patting (and purring Gaelic) over said bump. Take the time to delight in their glorious finery. Take the time to revel in the fantastic sets and scenery.

Why? Because it’s not going to last, so enjoy it while you can. Without giving away a thing, there is, as Claire has foreshadowed, bad stuff ahead. Mark me, you will miss France when it’s gone.

King Louis Paris