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Outlander Season 2 Faith Extended Version of Deleted Scene

Outlander Season 2 Faith Extended Version of Deleted Scene

“Cut for time” those are the words we don’t like to hear, I refrain from using the word “hate” as I don’t hate anything about #Outlander. Like other viewers, who are also book readers, we felt the loss of certain words, I’m not going to spoil it here you can see what we missed out on in the video.

I’m sorry if this part will bring tears to your eyes, just like it did to mine, but this extended scene will deliver the part that was missing in our lives!

While we #TrustRonMoore, there are times (I must admit), that we do not understand some of the choices made, but then we weren’t in the editing room. I can only trust the choices were made for good reason (of course) and for the benefit of the viewing audience. As we know a substantial proportion of viewers have not read the books (and are not required to do so), and as such will not know of the loss of words which over the course of reading and re-reading have become special to some of us.

Not only that, we are blessed to have the acting talents of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe to bring us these transcendent scenes.