Vale Angus

Outlander Vale Angus Mhor

Outlander Vale Angus Mhor

It took a while for Angus to make his way into our hearts. For quite a time he was just one of a pair of guys charged by their Laird (Colum MacKenzie) with following and guarding (and not in a good way) Claire. He was a bit abrasive, but slowly became more brash and cheeky, rather than nasty. His partner in crime, Rupert, was more like a big teddy bear, while Angus was like the irritating hanger on who always tries to worm in on the fun and pushes things a bit too far.


Credit for the lovely art goes to Vera Adxer, see Outlander Art & Love on Facebook.

We ken little of Angus’s background, we just know he’s very loyal to his clan. Once Claire’s loyalties were sorted (her marriage to Jamie and her love of him fixed that) he backed off from guard duty. His antics always seemed to include trying to get Claire to kiss him and that made us laugh.

Thus we have ended up with an Angus shaped hole in our hearts, a deeply empty hole today. We now fear for Rupert’s wellbeing, he looked so desolate, and the other Highlanders we have come to love. There is no getting past it, worse is to come. And to think people tried to pigeonhole Diana Gabaldon’s books as romance novels. There is nothing romantic about war, especially when you get to look into the eyes of your opponent, and see their blood flying through the air, mingling with what you fear is your own.