Dougal Mackenzie

Outlander Who Is Dougal MacKenzie?

Outlander Who Is Dougal MacKenzie

Dougal MacKenzie is the younger brother of Colum MacKenzie the Laird of the clan MacKenzie, of Castle Leoch.


Dougal has become War Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie as Colum is suffering from a debilitating condition. While Dougal is his brother Colum’s loyal right hand, he can also be hotheaded and somewhat reckless. A skilled and experienced warrior Dougal commands respect in any setting and is feared by many.

Dougal secretly supports the Jacobite cause, unlike the Laird Colum. Dougal has a sharp mind, and his plotting seems never ending. Dougal harbours a not so secret desire for Claire.