Mary Hawkins layer by Rosie Day

Outlander Who Is Mary Hawkins?

Outlander Who Is Mary Hawkins?

Mary Hawkins is the shy and sexually innocent daughter of an English baronet. In 1744 she has been sent to Paris to stay with her uncle, a merchant named Silas Hawkins who has arranged for her to marry a much older Frenchman, Comte Marigny.


Mary meets a fellow Englishwoman, Claire Fraser, in the home of Louise de La Tour de Rohan. Claire befriends the young woman, who also attends the Royal Court. While at court Mary meets young Alexander Randall, who happens to be the younger brother of Captain Jonathon Wolverton Randall. Alex Randall is acting as secretary to the Duke of Sandringham.

Mary falls in love with Alex, however her future has become tenuous following an attack in the streets of Paris when she is raped. Claire realises Mary is the woman who, somehow, will become the ancestor of her 20th century husband, Frank Randall.