Outlander Lallybroch

OutlanderSeason 112 Lallybroch Recap

OutlanderSeason 112 Lallybroch Recap

Having narrowly escaped being burned as witch, Claire and Jamie set out for his family home, Lallybroch. After travelling through the stunning Scottish countryside Jamie and Claire arrive at Lallybroch, where Jamie is officially the Laird, even if he has been absent for four years.  He misunderstands when he finds Jenny has a child named Jamie, thinking the boy to be the ungodly spawn of Black Jack Randall as he believes Jenny was raped by BJR. How could she name such a child Jamie ! Plus he has brought home an English wife! Consequently, the reception he receives from his sister Jenny is frosty at best. She’s now married to his friend, Ian who was injured while fighting in France with Jamie. Jenny is pregnant again.


Jenny is forced, very reluctantly, to describe what occurred between herself and BJR. Jamie says he is expecting a pardon from the Duke of Sandringham and that, indeed, he intends to stay and assume his place as Laird Broch Tuarach, despite Claire’s fears about him being seen by the Redcoats. The Lallybroch version of “The Rent” takes place, with Jamie being far too lenient. His attempt at being in charge doesn’t go well and Jenny tells him he’ll ruin the estate if he doesn’t change his ways.

Being back at Lallybroch brings up memories of Jamie’s, father and he tells Claire about the last time he saw him.

Family tensions continue to arise, when a particularly bad loaf of bread is served Jamie finds out the mill is not working. Jamie decides to fix it himself. Very soon after he strips down and dives under the water to find what is jamming it, Redcoats arrive, with one offering to help fix the jammed wheel. At this time Jenny is shocked to see Jamie’s scarred back.