The Fiery Cross book

The Fiery Cross Book 5

The Fiery Cross Book 5 of the bestselling Outlander series.

Imagine 1771: the Colony of North Carolina stands in an uneasy balance, with the rich, colonial aristocracy on one side and the struggling pioneers of the backcountry on the other.

Between them stands Jamie Fraser, a man of honour, a man of worth. Exiled from his beloved Scotland by the force of law, made to swear an oath his heart rejects. He is at last possessed of the land he has longed for, but as usual there is a cost, his loyalty. His extraordinary wife, Claire, a woman out of time and out of place, is unswervingly by his side. Cursed (or blessed?) with the uneasy gift of the knowledge of what is to come they face the prospect of being on the wrong side of history once more.

In the past, that knowledge has brought both danger and deliverance to Jamie and Claire. Walking a fine line between opposing sides, until they must finally reveal their allegiance. 

Now it could be a flickering torch that will light their way through the perilous years ahead – or might ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes. The Fiery Cross is by turns poignant, page-turning, meticulous in its historical detail and searingly passionate, at the same time managing to imbue humour into the story.

The Fiery Cross book