The shape of the Outlander series books

The Shapes of Diana Gabaldon’s Books

The Shapes of Diana Gabaldon’s Books

We’ve all been really excited this week so full of  #Outlander news, but its made me think about Diana Gabaldon as she continues to miraculously find time to write her book number 9 – “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone”. A title which intrigues and somewhat scares us at the same time.

“Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone” poster

Diana very kindly posts #Dailylines on her Facebook page, but I have (mostly) kept away from them. I’ll (try to) wait till it’s finished.

I’m wondering what “shape” her new book will take, I suppose we’ll all find out in due course, in the meantime though here are some details of the “internal shape” of Diana’s first eight books. EDIT: Diana has revealed the shape of “Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone”

EDIT (September 11 2020): I’ve read several (maybe even many!) of Diana’s #DailyLines, however, while they tease and intrigue I don’t get much sense of a plot. Of course, this is the way it’s intended…. so mission achieved on that front.

Diana has confirmed she’s in the last stages of writing, then it’s down to the editing and publishing magic to take over, but I would think many of these processes are well underway at this point. A series of very recent Tweets from points to that…

You may know I have a Facebook Group for Outlander… The link is here

However you may not know I have created a separate group for “Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone” Spolier discussions ready for the publication of the book. #DailyLines are posted there. Below is the link for anyone who would like to join the conversation.