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Who Is Captain Jonathon Wolverton Randall?

Who Is Captain Jonathon Wolverton Randall?

He is a Captain in the British army, being garrison commander at Fort William. Randall is a cruel man, who gets sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on others. His pleasure depends on another’s pain. He is an equal opportunity sadist, preying on both men and women. However, in his position, he has ready access to more men, usually prisoners under his control. In the course of Outlander he attacks both Jamie and Claire, having been instrumental in viciously flogging Jamie some years before Claire’s arrival, while attacking Jamie’s sister Jenny in a earlier incident.


It is not for nothing that Captain Randall is called Black Jack Randall.

When Claire meets BJR for the first time she is confused, briefly thinking he is actually her husband Frank. In fact BJR is Frank’s ancestor, though not a direct one. In time, Claire comes to understand that BJR must survive till a certain date, at least, in order to secure a bloodline which enables her husband Frank to exist in the future.

BJR has a younger brother, Alexander, who fortunately, is nothing like his elder brother. Surprisingly it is Alex who is actually Frank’s direct descendant!