Claire Fraser

Who Is Claire Fraser?

Who is Claire Fraser?

Full Name

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser

Born 20 October 1918

Claire, born a Beauchamp, her parents being Henry and Julia Beauchamp, who die in a car accident when she is only five years old. Claire is brought up by her Uncle Lamb, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, an archaeologist and historian, who having given up (due to his intense dislike of conflict) on forcing young Claire into a boarding school, takes her with him on his jaunts around the archaeological sites of the world, thereby being accustomed to living in fairly primitive conditions. Claire is practical, independent and quite outspoken, even for her own time.


Claire has spent the years of the Second World War being a combat nurse on the fringes of the battlefields, being in camps which were shelled has caused ingrained memories. When the war ends she needs to reconnect with her husband, Frank Randall, who has spent the war involved in military intelligence. They travel to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands to find peace and serenity, while trying to physically reconnect with each other, having been only married for a brief time before they were separated by war.

A simple sightseeing trip changes the course of her life, and perhaps the outcome of history, after she “falls” through time back into 1743 at the standing stones at Craigh na Dun. Her direct, outspoken ways are sure to cause her trouble.