Frank Randall

Who Is Frank Randall?

Who is Frank Randall?

His Full Name is Franklin Wolverton Randall – known as Frank Randall

Frank is a good looking experienced man a few years older than Claire.  He is an historian with a deep interest in his family history, and the history of the Scottish Jacobite rebellion.


Frank and Claire have fallen in love and marry one year before the outbreak of World War II, their separation due to the war has marred their life together. With Frank involved in military intelligence and Claire being a combat nurse near the front lines of the war.

After the end of the war Frank and Claire go to Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands to reconnect emotionally and physically, as part of a second honeymoon.

Frank spends some time with the Reverend Wakefield researching his family genealogy, tracing his lineage back to a British Army Captain, a Jonathan Wolverton Randall.