Jamie Scot on the rocks

Who Is Jamie Fraser?

Who is Jamie Fraser?
Full name James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Born 1 May, 1721

Jamie is an educated man, with a profound sense of honour, and loyalty to his family. He is knowledgeable about classic literature and fluent in several languages having studied in France. By the time we meet Jamie, he has fought in France and, having returned to Scotland, he has become embroiled in the ongoing skirmishes with the British. Arrested for obstruction, while defending his family, he escapes, however that only made his position worse. He is brutally flogged by a sadistic English officer, Captain Jonathan Wolverton Randall, otherwise known as Black Jack Randall. While still recovering from the first 100 lashes, Captain Randall orders a second 100 lashes.


Believing Jamie will die and the hands of the British, friends came to help Jamie escape a second time. During this escape one of the guards is killed. Jamie then has a price of ten pound sterling on his head for murder.

Jamie’s father Brian, thinking Jamie is dead, collapses and dies while witnessing the second flogging.

Burdened by guilt and pain Jamie flees to France, where he fights as a mercenary for two years. Returning to Scotland in 1742, unable to go home because of the price on his head, Jamie roams the countryside with a gang other clanless fugitives from the British, surviving as best they can by raiding cattle and other petty infringements until one day Jamie is attacked by someone with an axe. Nursing a severe head wound, Jamie’s uncle, Dougal MacKenzie sends him back to France to recover (or not) at a monastery where another uncle, Alexander Fraser is abbot.

The spring of 1743, finds Jamie newly returned to Scotland accompanied by his godfather Murtagh, his uncle Dougal and other clansmen, being pursued by Captain Randall and his company of dragoons. During the fight Jamie’s shoulder is dislocated.

Murtagh happens upon a lone Englishwoman, Claire Beauchamp, who is being assaulted by Captan Randall. Rescuing her and bringing her back to their camp, where she is able to relocate Jamie’s shoulder.

During their flight back into the clan castle, Castle Leoch, the men are once more confronted by the English and Jamie is shot. Claire attends to his wound, and together they ride to Castle Leoch, with the other clansmen.