Why Leghair Needed Humanizing.

Why Leghair Needed Humanizing.

Of course, we know Laoghaire’s proper spelling and pronunciation, but calling her Leghair is too much fun!

In the book Leghair wasn’t the absolute evil B***h the TV series has made her out to be. Book Laoghaire was just a silly, jealous child of sixteen. She did make two mistakes, buying the ill wish and sending the note to Claire. She did not snigger at Claire being dragged off with Geillis, nor did she testify at the witch trial and jeer at Claire.  The things she did do were not nice things for sure, but not deeply evil. As book readers we seem to have let it slip by us that Laoghaire has been portrayed differently. Season 1 seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

This is what you're missing.
This is what you’re missing.

Book Laoghaire is not the deliberately vengeful character the TV show has made her out to be. So, when Season 1 was made it must have made some sort of sense to make her more villainous than she actually was.  TV always loves a villain! But now, given the longevity we hope for and dream of, things will happen where we may see Laoghaire again (not telling here) and she deserves a little more respect.

Even if you will never forgive her, think about at least, that she was young and made a couple of mistakes in the face of her deep disappointment over losing Jamie forever. Don’t we all know how that feels?